meal planning

When your living expenses are limited to $6 a day, food becomes a daily concern/obsession. With out planning, it is difficult to get a good meal in as most of my meals need to be prepared from scratch as prepared and pre-made indregients do not fit into this budget. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are gone. So whats to eat the rest of the week? Any suggestions for eating great (which also means healthy and balanced) for the rest of the week? I still have a few great things left in my house: fresh bread, celery, eggs, carrots, jams, butter, farmers sausage, various dried beans, fresh cilantro, fresh dill, fresh, dill, tortillas, and a little cheese.

Here are my ideas:


Friday: Lasagna (I have one that I made and froze a few days ago).



As you can see, I am drawing several blanks.


2 responses to “meal planning

  • kellypea

    I grew up on an extremely frugal budget and we often had pasta and rice dishes. Skillet fried rice can be very good with some sauteed minced onion, scrambled egg, peas and/or carrots, and a sprinkle of green onions. Don’t forget the soy sauce if you have it!

  • sara jane

    thanks for the ideas! soya sauce can really make a difference in the flavour of the meal!

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