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choxie for the canadian

article_thumbnail_choxie.jpgOn a recent trip to the US of A, I made it a priority to pick up a line of chocolates I had heard good things about by a few other blogs. “Choxie” is a line of gourmet chocolates offered only from Target, that are marketed as “artisan chocolate,” and “only for the serious chocolate lover.” I bought the chocolate truffle tiles to get a small sample of many flavours like “champagne,” “strawberry balsamic” and “fiery pineapple.” How can you go wrong with a lineup like that? (sense the foreshadowing?)

The labels of the chocolate were misleading. Fiery Pineapple really tasted like sugar with a hint (emphasis on hint) or pineapple flavour but no heat. The Latte tile was a combination of waxy white chocolate with a dark chocolate center but no flavour resembling espresso. All of the tile failed to deliver the promised flavour profile.

Added to this problem, the overall characteristic of the chocolate was very waxy and did not even carry with it a strong sense of cocoa flavour. When reading the label, the percentage of cocoa was nowhere to be found. Anyone else with a bad Choxie experience? Is it all Choxie or just the chocolate tiles.