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my new city

pizzeria uno specialThis past week, I spent a week in Chicago and have come to love it in the short time I was there. There I found some great food and some great people, and more importantly, great beers.

My first culinary adventure was Pizzeria Uno where I tried Chicago style pizza for the first time. Sitting outside on the street corner patio under an old timey street light was very romantic although lonely as I was by myself. There was still plenty of entertainment: a drunk businessman spilled beer all over his shirt and pants, the same businessman stole some stuff like the checkbook (with the money in it) a beer mug and some other stuff, our waiter chased him down the blog, and I also met some nice women who were trying to get the waiter to come home with them. For a night alone I laughed a lot!

Later in the week came great Mexican food, fantastic garlic fries, and of\"ed\" course, two trips to the Goose Island Brewery for some great micro-brews. The beer that knocked my socks off was a special reserve called “Ed.” I could not find it on their website but this is a beer that has an incredible smokey flavour. I knew it was coming, but that first sip surprised me! The smokey malt flavour was powerful but balanced with a subtle sweetness and slight hoppyness. Served in a brandy snifter, it took me all afternoon to finish the little treasure and at 9% it stayed with me the rest of the day!

One week (and the money I brought) did not seem like enough time to explore this great culinary city. I can’t wait to go on my next trip…Portland, Oregon! Any suggestions for where to eat?pad thai in the park


food from the past

cbc radio document on native prairie food prepWhen you think of "Canadian cuisine" what comes to mind? Is it the famous poutine? Canadian back bacon? Perhaps maple syrup? These might be associated with Canada and some of its distinct and unique inhabitants, but it is not the original cuisine. The manyAnishinabee peoples, First Nations peoples, and so many more bands of Aboriginal people had been cooking and surviving on the land creating their own distinct "Canadian cuisine" long before cheese curds and gravy over fried potato made its way to this country!

I have come across this short radio documentary from the CBC where two Aboriginal elders are asked to share about their experiences of food made from the unique prairie offerings (the link to the documentary is on the picture).

This story is particularly well done as the two women not only share traditional foods and recipes for pemmican, bannock, wild rice, bison meat and more, they also talk about the methods of cooking and tools that they used such as a buffalo rib fashioned into a knife.

It is fascinating to find connections to the past especially through food. Perhaps it is why most of us will always carry an affinity for those recipes that are passed down from generation to generation.