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how hard can it be?

This past Wednesday marks the start of Lent. So the challenge? Living on $6 a day for 40 days (that $6 is not just for food, but living expenses). How hard can it be? Check out some of the “how” and “why” for the next few weeks.

So this is going to impact my eating habits, how and when I can get to a grocery store, and what will be for dinner.sushi in TO supermarket

Things I already miss:

  • Starbucks coffee
  • Sushi
  • Beer/alcohol

So I will keep you posted on stuff that fits in to this tiny budget. For tomorrow, breakfast = oatmeal, lunch=left over cauliflower soup, supper=baked beans with homemade bread and tossed salad, snacks=dried fruits and nuts. Not a bad start. I susspect that when the food runs out of my fridge, I will by singing a different tune.


What Da Vinci really wants you to know

I may just be one of the last people on earth to pick up and read the "Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown, but I have finally done it. Shortly after beginning the book, I notice on a trip to the grocery store an front page cover of a popular woman's magazine shouting the next big craze in the diet word, yes, tis true, the "Da Vinci Diet" or aka the "Diet code."

According to recent articles, the diet is based on the "golden ratio" or at least that is what many articles have stated it was named. Dan Brown refers to PHI as the "divine ratio" (page 100) while many articles refer to the number as the "golden ratio."

To recap, the "golden ratio" refers to the number 1.618 and is considered aesthetically pleasing; used extensively in architecture, art, displaying beauty in the relationship between symmetry and asymmetry. Some believe life to be expressed by the ratio and holds meaning in truth in existence.

Pretty heady stuff.

But like all good marketing, this enjoyable theory behind the number of PHI has hit the pop culture ground running at full speed. What is more marketable than food? A diet!

Based on the golden ratio, the authour of the Diet Code claims that balancing food groups will lend itself to weight. After the Atkins diet has slowed down, the world is ready for the next fad diet.

What are your predictions for the life of the Da Vinci Code Diet? Perhaps the golden ratio applies to the amount of success the code diet will live.