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late night bakery

***I found this post in the edit section but not published. So the info is way out of date***

Last night my house was filled with the smell of fresh bread. For me, there is nothing so comforting as the smell of fresh bread. Last night, I baked out of joy and more importantly out of necessity. Currently I am on a wealth diet and am looking for ways to stretch my $6 a day.

I made a oatmeal bread found in my “More with Less” cookbook, and it cost just pennies to make and if that was not enough to make me happy, the smells, textures, and movement involved in baking bread are a part of my wellbeing. I try and think positive things about and for the people who will receive the bread, (even if it is me) which also makes for inexpensive therapy! I find that a little kiss helps the dough ball rise well.

Below is a picture of last nights baby just before the kiss. By the way, the cutting board that she is resting on is named Esther.


chip hangover

dutchcruch-chipolime.jpgI am sure many people are familiar with the symptoms of a hangover from a night of too many alcoholic beverages, but can you get hungover from other things?

This morning I woke up with what I call a “chip hangover.”

Last night, my sister and I ate a whole bag of Old Dutch Chipotle Lime Kettle chips. I highly recommend them but not eating 1/2 a bag. The combination of the salt, fat and starch of the chips completely dehydrated me so this morning I was nauseated, had a headache, and was generally in a bad mood.  The sad thing is, this is not the first time I have had the chip hangover.

What other foods can cause the “hangover” effect? Better yet, what are your food hangover remedies?