a food blogger with out a digital camera

What makes writing about food interesting? I don’t know about you, but one of the reasons I read food blogs is to check out the pictures that the authors snap of their creations. So here I am, trying to write about food and post some of my own recipes but have now way to show you how it turned out. Of course I could use some great descriptive writing, but let face it, the next best thing to tasting is…well smelling. Since smell is not possible over the web, the third best thing is seeing.

I have no digital camera.

So I can’t show you how smooth, pillowy, and luscious my honey oat bread turned out this morning. What kind of a food blogger does not have a camera?


what really happened

Last post recorded my insecurities about making a cheesecake. That has come and gone, and produced a well-liked raspberry and chocolate cheesecake. Not the flavour I was initially going for, but when fresh raspberries from the family farm  arrive on your door step, how can one say no!

The centre was cream cheese and ricotta, with smashed fresh raspberries. I added a hint of cocoa powder and baked it, then glazed it with a dark chocolate ganache. The result was a dark chocolate outside, and a creamy pink and brown centre.

There was one crack, but was easily sealed up with hardened ganache. Very tasty!

Cheesecake Insecurities

cheesecake clipart, how cutecheesecake clipart, how cutecheesecake clipart, how cutecheesecake clipart, how cutecheesecake clipart, how cutecheesecake clipart, how cutecheesecake clipart, how cuteI have always thought of myself as a cheesecake clipart, how cutecheesecake clipart, how cutecook rather than a baker. I find that following a cheesecake clipart, how cutecheesecake clipart, how cuterecipe (a necessary skill in baking) to be a challenge for me. I tend to add or subtract as my heart desires.

Today, my task is to make a cheesecake. Since I have not  found a recipe that pleases me, I am going to attempt to create the flavour I want from a collection of recipes. Are there those who have some cheesecake wisdom? What will happen if I fool around with the recipes?  How do I prevent the dreaded cracks in the final product? 

Oh and by the way, I am hoping to create an chocolate/espresso flavoured cheesecake, a little lighter on the cream cheese by adding ricotta and sour cream.

a welcome back

oatmeal.gifIt has been too long since my last post. The short story is that as we know, life gets “full” really quickly and some of those little things get cut out of it to make room.

So on this cold spring morning (it is dark, cool, and rainy here in Winnipeg) what better way to welcome myself back into blogging life than a comforting bowl of oatmeal! For those who think oatmeal is boring, or worse, tasteless, I invite you over for a great adventur e in oatmeal tasting. It is so versatile, you can play around with it and create many exciting flavour combinations. Here is my standard “blank slate” recipe, to which you can play around with to fit your taste.

Sara Jane’s Blank Slate Morning Oatmeal:

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better beer part V – Brewhouse

can01106.jpgThe fifth beer in my better beer series is “Brewhouse” from Great Western Brewery, and I probably should have known by the fact that the product was placed between Lucky Lager and StoneCold beer that it did not have high quality, but I had a couple of people tell me “what a great beer it was for the money” so I gave it a try. What little flavour that the beer did have was skunky. It was light, little yeasty taste and no depth to the flavour.

I was able to sample a honey brown and a dark beer from Great Western that they were offering in my local LC. Both were greatly disapointing – the honey brown being sweet with out any balance of bitter flavours and the dark beer being dark, skunky, thin, and a waste of time. I think me and Great Western Brewery are off to a bad start, but they do have other beers that I might try.

The only redeeming quality of this beer is the price – and if low price is the only determining factor to buying beer, than your best bet is StoneCold Beer. I give this beer 1 frosty mug out of 10. Fortunately someone likes the beer – the bloggers at The Opinionated Beer page gave this review.

chip hangover

dutchcruch-chipolime.jpgI am sure many people are familiar with the symptoms of a hangover from a night of too many alcoholic beverages, but can you get hungover from other things?

This morning I woke up with what I call a “chip hangover.”

Last night, my sister and I ate a whole bag of Old Dutch Chipotle Lime Kettle chips. I highly recommend them but not eating 1/2 a bag. The combination of the salt, fat and starch of the chips completely dehydrated me so this morning I was nauseated, had a headache, and was generally in a bad mood.  The sad thing is, this is not the first time I have had the chip hangover.

What other foods can cause the “hangover” effect? Better yet, what are your food hangover remedies?

when in doubt, blame starbucks

coffee.jpgIn an article on the CBC website, Starbucks is being touted as offering the worst coffee beverage for high fat and calorie content stating that their Blackberry Green Tea Frappaccino has 560 calories. Admittedly, there are some drinks at Starbucks (or for any cafe that sells lattes, blended drinks and Italian sodas) which have a high fat/calorie content, however, there is always choice. In the article, a Starbucks representative mentions the wide variety of choice when ordering a coffee. If you keep in mind that “flavour” shots average 70 calories, that whipped cream is about 130 calories (110 of them from fat), and that sugar free syrup is as always calorie and fat free you can customize your coffee to fit your lifestyle with little guilt and little sacrifice to taste.

It may not be the best way to justify having that latte in the morning, but many hot espresso drinks rely on milk to make them. Drinking that cold 12 oz glass of skim milk in the morning has roughly the same amount of fat and calories as the venti non-fat latte at Starbucks. Have a sweet tooth? Get it with sugar free syrups with no added fat or calories.

Why do we keep blaming companies for providing us with unhealthy options when we keep going back (on our own free will) to buy them? (This is said from a middle class, white, educated background – also the the population who the study was directed at).